DIY Puzzle Blocks Using 2x2 Lumber and your own family pictures

You guys!! I am so excited to be back after a nearly 3 year break! Crazy stuff has happened!! And well, now I'm back designing DIY projects! I'm can't wait to show you my fun DIY projects. This one is just the first of many!

I'm going to show you how to make these cute puzzle blocks because I had the stuff to make it already, so it is first!! If you are a crafter there is a good chance you already have everything you need, too!!

This would be a great Super Saturday craft project, or girls night out craft project. It took me about 60 minutes to make including cutting, sanding, and painting the blocks.

Here is what you need to make this DIY puzzle blocks:

9- 1 1/2" pieces of 2x2 lumber 
You can get 60 pieces from 1 2x2x8' lumber!
The actual size of a 2x2 is about 1.5" x 1.5" so if you cut them 1.5" long they will be square!
1 8' board is $2.25 at Home Depot.
HINT: Check their scrap pile in the back, you might be able to find something that will work for 75% off!
Want ideas on how to use the rest of your 2x2?  Check out my other 2x2 projects:
 Total- $0.20

If you don't want to cut and sand your blocks, you can buy them already ready to go! They are available on Amazon Prime, highly rated- precut and presanded!!! Go here-

6 4.5"x4.5" pictures
Print off your own pictures on normal printer paper (no need for cardstock or photo paper!). The pictures could be scenery, favorite quotes, verses, religious pictures, family pictures, vacation pictures, etc.
 Total- $.40

White Paint (optional)
You may paint each block white before mod podging the pictures on. This will give it a white boarder where ever the picture doesn't cover the entire block perfectly.
 Total- $.10

Paint Brush
I used a 1.5" wide paint brush but you can use whatever you have.

You will want to sand the blocks after you cut them.
Total- $.10

Mod Podge
I used about 2 ounces. If you buy it in bulk, that's about $0.20. You can also buy it in 2 ounce bottles at the dollar tree for $1.00. I'm using matte mod podge. You can use glossy if you like that look better.

Grand total: $1.00

Let's get started!

After you cut and sand your wood (or get it delivered if you buy the blocks from Amazon -go here:  it will look like this:

Print 6 pictures on regular printer paper. You can use personal pictures, quotes you like, scenery pictures, really they could be pictures of anything! They should each be 4.5"x 4.5." Here are the ones that I'm using. I marked the cut lines for every 1.5" but you don't NEED to do that if you have a paper slicer that will measure the cuts for you. Go ahead and cut the first picture into 9- 1.5" squares.

Next, use a paint brush to "paint" the top of a block with mod podge.  After you have a thin layer on the top of the block, center a picture square onto the mod podged block. Try to center the picture onto the block and push it down with your fingers. If you notice it bubbling just push down the bubble and it should be fine. Continue this process until all 9 picture square are on blocks.

Now, it should look like this:

Next, rotate each block so that a blank side is facing up. It should look like this:
Now, cut up a new picture into 9- 1.5" x 1.5" squares. Apply mod podge and a picture square onto each block like you did before. Now it should look like this:
Continue this process until all the faces of blocks have been covered with pictures.

Then, brush mod podge over the top surfaces of the blocks. This will seal the pictures and make them have a nice finish. Let them dry and then brush mod podge over the other sides of the blocks. I found that it took about 5-10 minutes to dry enough to handle them. Look them over when you think you are done to check for any sides that didn't get a top coat of mod podge. Then, let them dry. The blocks will look something like this while they are drying. The white streaks of the mod podge will dry clear.

After they are totally dry, put them on a table in your living room and watch everyone play with them! All three of my kids (even my teenager!!!) thought they were really cool and tried to put the puzzle together on the side that had their picture.

If you are giving this as a gift, you can put the blocks in a cute drawstring bag to keep them together! That would be really cool!

I hope you enjoyed this!

Wishing you lots of DIY love,

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