DIY Super Easy Super Cute Picture Holder from a Block of Wood

How I made this super easy, super cute picture holder from a block of wood

This would be a great Super Saturday craft project, girls night out craft project, neighbor gift, or grandparent gift! So many possibilities! It took me about 15 minutes to make 5 of them, including cutting and sanding the wood blocks.

Here is what you need to make this DIY wood block picture holder :

1- 1 1/2" piece of 2x2 lumber 
You can get at least 60 pieces from 1 2x2x8' lumber!
The actual size of a 2x2 is about 1.5" x 1.5" so if you cut them 1.5" long they will be square!
1 8' board is $2.25 at Home Depot.
HINT: Check their scrap pile in the back, you might be able to find something that will work for 75% off!
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 Total- $0.04

If you don't want to cut and sand your blocks, you can buy them already ready to go! They are available on Amazon Prime, highly rated- precut and presanded!!! Go here-

Something for it to display
ideas: a photo, several business cards, a Christmas card, a scripture verse, a word sign (maybe something Valentine's themed?), a picture of the grandkids to give to grandma, or anything else you want to display that is thinner than about 1/8" thick.

White Paint and Pink Paint
You will want to paint the wood block white and the heart pink (or whatever colors you like! I think a gold metallic heart might look good!!!)
 Total- $.05

Paint Brush
You can use whatever paint brush you have on hand. The one I used was about 3/4" wide. It really doesn't matter too much. Sponge brushes would work well, too. 

You will want to quickly sand the blocks after you cut them.
Total- $.03

1" heart
1- 1" heart
These are the hearts I used:

You could also get 1" stars!
These are the stars I used for another project
Total- $.08

Grand total: $0.20

Let's get started!

Before you cut a 1.5" block of wood from a 2x2, slice it down the middle using a table saw. Set the blade depth to about .25". I should have taken a picture at this point. But here is a good look at how to cut it. After you have made the slice, then cut the wood into 1.5" pieces using a miter saw.

Then, paint each block white and each heart pink (or the colors you choose). 

Let it dry. Then use a little wood glue and smear it on the back of the heart. Firmly press the heart into the front of the block for about a minute. 

That's it! SO EASY!

Then put whatever you want in it!

Here it is holding a business card. If you're wondering, it can hold 7 standard 12pt glossy business cards. If you want it to be able to hold more business cards, you can run it through your table saw more than once to increase the width of the opening.

Here it is holding one of my friend's cute Christmas cards.

Here it is holding a 4x6 family picture.

I hope you enjoyed this!

Wishing you lots of DIY love,

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