DIY wood nativity with a reversible Valentine's Day couple

This would be a great Super Saturday craft project, girls night out craft project, Christmas or Valentine's Day gift, to sell at a craft fair, or decoration for your home! It took me about 30 minutes to make it, including cutting and sanding, the blocks.

Here is what you need to make this DIY wood nativity with a reversible Valentine's Day couple:

2x2 lumber 
1- 6" piece
1- 5" piece
You can get 8 of these pairs from 1 2x2x8' lumber!
The actual size of a 2x2 is about 1.5" x 1.5."
1 8' board is $2.25 at Home Depot.
HINT: Check their scrap pile in the back, you might be able to find something that will work for 75% off!
Want ideas on how to use the rest of your 2x2?  Check out my other 2x2 projects:
 Total- $0.29

2.5" length of scrap wood
This wood was about 3-4' long and about 1.25" wide and about .25" thick when I bought it. The board was about $.50. I cut off 2.5" length of it for the baby.
 Total- $.04

White Paint 
You may paint each block white or whatever color you wish.
 Total- $.10

Paint Brush
I used a 1.5" wide paint brush but you can use whatever you have.

You will want to quickly sand the blocks after you cut them.
Total- $.05

2- 1 1/2" Wooden ball knobs (for the two heads)
These are the ones I used:
Total- $1.86

1- 20mm Split Wood Balls (for the baby's head)
These are the ones I used:
Total- $.10

1- 40mm Wood Heart
These are the ones I used:
Total- $.13

Wood Glue or Hot Glue
Total- .10

Total- .03

Grand total: $2.80

Let's get started!

After you cut and sand your wood it will look like this:

Paint the 3 wood block pieces white and paint the heart pink. Do not paint the "heads." Let the paint dry for a couple of minutes. Then apply glue to the baby's head. You can use hot glue, but I wanted to use wood glue because I don't like to deal with the "strings" from hot glue.

Press firmly into place for about a minute if you are using wood glue. If you are using hot glue, just press it into place (no need to hold it in place for a minute). 

Then glue the larger "heads" onto the wood "people" and each time you glue something with wood glue, you will want to firmly hold it in place for at least a minute or so. 

Next, glue the two bodies together. 

And apply pressure my pushing the glued side together really well for at least a minute.

Then glue the baby onto it:
Like this:

Flip it over and glue the heart on next.

Now, tie the twine around it and it should look something like this. Allow it to dry for a few hours before giving it as a gift to make sure the the wood glue has thoroughly dried.
And the reverse side-

I hope you enjoyed this!

Wishing you lots of DIY love,

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