$12- Set of 3 Concrete Pots with Succulents- DIY Craft Kit

$12- Set of 3 Concrete Pots with Succulents- DIY Craft Kit

This kit includes everything you need to make 3 cute concrete planter pots, including 9 succulents! Makes a great gift!

Includes concrete, soil, white rocks, 3 outer molds, 3 inner molds, 9 succulent clippings (use 3 per pot), 3 wire pieces (wrap around a glue stick or spray bottle to get the round shape to hold the papers- can be wrapped by hand without any tools), paper with cute "succulent puns" and instructions, a small piece of gray felt (use as a pad to protect the furniture from getting scratched from the concrete), and a small piece of sand paper. 

I designed the papers, chose the succulents, wrote the instructions, and packaged it. 

This kit makes it really easy for someone to make cute planter pots with succulents that would be nearly indestructible. The concrete planters are nice because they aren't really breakable like other types of planters.

Each concrete planter pot is about 4.25" wide x 4.125" tall. 

The pots would look cute painted, or tied with ribbon or twine. The pots in the picture have not been painted. 

The first two pots were tapped gently to release the air bubbles. The third pot was not tapped down. That's why the third pot has a few air bubbles. If you like this look, do not tap down the concrete when you pour it into the molds. 

If you have never worked with concrete before- you might want to plan on mixing and pouring the concrete outside. It doesn't take long at all to mix the concrete with water and pour it into the molds. I bring mine inside to cure. I let the concrete stay in the molds overnight, and remove the concrete from the molds in the morning. 

You will want to have a few 1-2 pound objects to weigh down the inner mold- I used things I found in my kitchen- peanut butter, a large glass measuring cup, and a few cans from my pantry. These objects are not included in the kit. 

The succulents are really easy to take care of- they can handle low or high light. I give mine about 1/2 cup of water every 10-14 days and they do great. 

For the papers- I include a paper with some words that you can cut out to put in the wire holders. You could also make your own papers. You could use the wire to hold a verse of the week or a verse of the month on it. 

I include 8 "tags" on a piece of cardstock. You can cut out the ones that you want to use. The words that are on the cardstock that are included on the kit are: 

Work would really

SUCC without you!

Merry Christmas!

You are SUCCA

great teacher!

Merry Christmas!

The neighborhood would really succ without you!

Merry Christmas!

don’t stop be leafing

You are SUCCA

great babysitter!

Merry Christmas!

Have succa

Merry Christmas!

love grows here

I hope your Christmas

doesn’t succ

I prefer venmo. I'm @jessicataufer.

Pick up from my porch in Lehi, off Pioneer Crossing. I can mail you a kit for an additional $14. 

I can give you a special price if you want to buy several kits. 

Let me know if you have any questions!